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Things Happen.

DnC Studio is acclaimed for elegant custom architecture ranging from single dwellings to multi-unit developments and commercial projects.


The practice operates mainly around South Eastern Suburbs and Mornington Peninsula and specializes in the design of dual occupancy developments.  Our experience with councils like Kingston, Mornington, Bayside and Glen Eira will ensure very efficient design and smooth town planning process.


At DnC Studio we have an individual approach to every client and every project. We deliver contemporary projects that meet our clients brief and are at the same time respectful to the site and surrounding neighbourhood.


All our projects are developed using cutting-edge 3D Software to ensure maximum accuracy and the most efficient design. As of 2018 all of DnC Studio designs are assessed by our experts using VR technology that enables us to walk through the development before we present the final product to the clients.  




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